Caitanya Tan - a very versatile

Actress, Singer, Emcee!

With a wide scope of experience, eloquence, a hint of tongue-in-cheek, and a beautifully trained singing voice, Actress / Singer Caitanya Tan is also one of the most popular picks as an Emcee in Singapore, as she Emcees some of the most sophisticated and diverse corporate, launch, and D&D Events in Asia.

With 14 years of experience in the entertainment industry, theatrically-trained Professional Performer in Singing / Acting / Dance, Caitanya understands the entire process of creating a Staged Production, which translates well when she does Emcee work for Events.


Graduating, she became Lead Performer at 

Disneyland, starting her entertainment career with one of the best entertainment corporations in the world - the events of her life evolving around the post professional of operating procedures, excellent performance training base, and the best international experiences Touring and Hosting with iconic international Brands and companies.


She has also managed an incredible Internationally-performing French Artist / Model / Specialty Performer, Mickael Bellemene, with whom she traveled extensively, learning the ins and outs of management, business, producing a Singapore-based 'Laser Man' show, and taking on the task of 'Entertainment Provider' for ALL Events Worldwide.


Working closely with French and European related cultural, networking, and corporate events, her personality and eloquence sets her apart from the other Emcees, as she grows in respect for her job as an 'Emcee who sings', and is highly-recommended by clients as your go-to Emcee in Singapore.


"...Always with strong presence, versatility and a beautiful voice, Caitanya's professional level of performing and her commitment to rehearsal are second to none.

Every theatrical production I've directed with Caitanya has been a great joy for cast, crew and most importantly the audience...A true star!"

- Paul Lucas, Professional Actor, Director, Teacher,

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Model for International label 'Matter Prints'

'Scents of Josephine' - Voilah! French Festival


Actress for Film / Television / Commercials

Host for TV / Roadshows / Events

Emcee for Roadshows / Corporate Events

Singing Gala Event EMCEE Singapore

Corporate Event and Gala  Emcee

Corporate Event and Gala Performer

Corporate Event Entertainment Provider

Event and Gala Entertainment Consultant

Entertainment Consultant

Singer for Events

Actress for Theatre

Musical Theatre Performer

Singing / Dancing Kids Show Host