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Singapore tourism board
'Ready, Set, go!'

A local travel recommendation
series by the Singapore Tourism Board to boost morale post lockdown.

Night Market Travelogue
'Zeng Cuo An'

Visiting famous local night market in Xiamen and eating some local cuisine

Corporate Hosting Video
Yahoo X AirAsia

A fun marketing report on Yahoo!'s collaboration with AirAsia

Yahoo! Corporate Video
Girl Band Called Girl Band

HOOQ TV (regional tv)
'She's a Terrorist and I love her'

An 8-episode series produced by award winning local production house, 'Ministry Of Funny'.

'Girl Band Called Girl Band'

YouTube Mini-series produced by top 
Singaporean Youtube channel

Music video (cover)
'Where I Belong' by Tanya Chua

Flame of the Forest X Caitanya Tan X MasiaOne

Ascott Commercial Actress
MySentosa Commercial


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