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Corporate / Easy on the Ears / Premium Voice

As an Actress, Cait is more than just a Voiceover Artist with a buttery voice.
20 years of theatre & TV experience, she is excellent at taking direction, quickly adapting to client requests, achieving the required 'feel' with ease.

From conversational, natural & warm, confident leadership voices, to energetic, friendly, bright & fun, Cait aims to 
keep your client on track, and your sound engineers relieved.

Languages: English
Accents: Gen Am (American), RP (British), Neutral 


With extensive vocal training, a buttery timbre, flair for accents, Caitanya specialises in delicious-sounding commercials, and highly personable, lifestyle & ad-centered voiceovers.

*scrub through for variety

Caitanya VO Demo Reel - 28_10_22, 3.42 PMVO Demo Reel
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Voiceover Artist Singapore.jpg
Invisalign VoiceoverCaitanya Tan
00:00 / 00:20

Voiceover Tone: Friendly, conversational, commercial

McDonalds McSaver VoiceoverCaitanya Tan
00:00 / 00:15

Voiceover tone: Youthful, energetic

Voiceover for HSBC + 6 second ver.

Voiceover Tone: Friendly, corporate, collaborative, motivational


(A Singaporean Teochew Short Film)

A touching drama about Claire, a little girl who

learns Teochew so she can communicate with her grandmother. Produced by G3 pictures. Voiceover

by Caitanya Tan, who also acts as adult Claire.

Voiceover Tone: Heartfelt, conversational, storytelling, narration

*Click video to watch.

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