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Notable Past Clients


GIC Animation


Pulau Ubin Welcome Video

Ferrero Case Study

Invisalign Ad

Ubisoft (lead)

'Skull and Bones'

HSBC Corporate

Corporate Training Videos

PG One Case Study


Lazada Corporate Video


Award Winning Short Film 'Longevity Peach'

Carlsberg Global

Corporate / Easy on the Ears / Premium Voice

As an Actress, Cait is more than just a Voiceover Artist with a buttery voice.
20 years of theatre & TV experience, she is excellent at taking direction, quickly adapting to client requests, achieving the required 'feel' with ease.

From conversational, natural & warm, confident leadership voices, to energetic, friendly, bright & fun, Cait aims to 
keep your client on track, and your sound engineers relieved.

Languages: English
Accents: Gen Am (American), RP (British), Neutral 


Voiceover Demo Reel

With extensive vocal training, a buttery timbre, flair for accents, Caitanya specialises in delicious-sounding commercials, and highly personable, lifestyle & ad-centered voiceovers.

*scrub through for variety

Caitanya VO Demo Reel - 28_10_22, 3.42 PMVO Demo Reel
00:00 / 01:08
Voiceover Artist Singapore.jpg
Invisalign VoiceoverCaitanya Tan
00:00 / 00:20

Voiceover Tone: Friendly, conversational, commercial

McDonalds McSaver VoiceoverCaitanya Tan
00:00 / 00:15

Voiceover tone: Youthful, energetic

HSBC Corporate Voiceovers

Voiceover Tone: Friendly, corporate, collaborative, motivational

Longevity Peach
(A Singaporean Teochew Short Film)

A touching drama about Claire, a little girl who

learns Teochew so she can communicate with her grandmother. Produced by G3 pictures. Voiceover

by Caitanya Tan, who also acts as adult Claire.

Voiceover Tone: Heartfelt, conversational, storytelling, narration

*Click video to watch.

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